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Western line Local Trains

Two corridors (one local and the other through) on Western Railway run northwards from Churchgate terminus parallel to the west coast up to Dahanu Road (120 km). These corridors are popularly referred to as 'Western Line' by the locals mainly because it is operated and owned by the Western Railways. Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) ply between Churchgate and Virar (64 km), while Mainline Electrical Multiple Units (MEMUs) service the section beyond Virar till Dahanu Road (60 km). MEMUs also operate between Dahanu Road and Panvel via a branch line from Vasai Road. There are EMU carsheds at Mumbai Central and Kandivali. An EMU carshed is under construction between Nala Sopara and Virar which will be the largest carshed in Asia. A repair shop for EMUs is situated at Mahalaxmi. Western railway's EMU fleet consists of EMUs running on AC (25 kV) power. EMUs are 9 car, 12 car or 15 car formations and are differentiated as slow and fast locals. Slow trains halt at all stations, while fast ones halt at important stations only and are preferable over longer distances. Trains usually start from and terminate at important stations.

TIME-TABLE AS ON 08-07-2007 Virar to Dahanu
and Dahanu to Virar
Main Line Western Railways Train From Vasai
Virar To Churchgate
Vasai to Chuchgate and Bhayandar to Churchgate
Mira-Road to Churchgate and Churchgate to Virar
Dadar to Virar and Andheri to Virar
Bandra to Virar At 06:55s, 17:20s, 19:55s Virar to Bandra At 05:30s, 16:03s, 18:36s
Borivali to Virar
Vasai to Diva

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